The Government of Canada is exploring the impact of nanotechnology on Canadian society. A notable initiative was a workshop sponsored by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research on the gaps, priorities and opportunities of nanotechnology. The National Institute of Nanotechnology also carefully considers the impact of nanotechnology research on society.

In the United States, the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) is engaging the American public on the societal implications of nanotechnology. The NNI also provides preliminary information on the societal and ethical impacts of nanotechnology and outlines funding received by US government departments and agencies to study these impacts.

Also in the US, the Woodrow Wilson Center and the Pew Foundation held a web discussion on possible social consequences of nanotechnology.

In France they have begun a public debate on how to regulate nanotechnology.  Started in February 2009 its goal is to inform the public about nanotechnologies, express their views and guide the policies of the state.