As nanotechnology continues to advance, the Government of Canada may have to adopt new laws and legal processes to regulate and manage nanotechnology developments. The Canadian Institutes of Health Research sponsored a workshop on Nanotechnology's Ethical, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Social (NE3LS) Issues, at which a discussion was held on whether or not existing laws provide an appropriate regulatory framework for nanotechnology research and development.

In the 2008 report, Small is Different: A Science Perspective on the Regulatory Challenges of the Nanoscale, the Council of Canadian Academies found that “existing regulatory approaches and risk management strategies are appropriate for the challenges presented by nanomaterials,” however, it recommended that more investment be made in strategic risk assessment research.

There are many other groups looking into nanotechnology law. For example the US-based National Nanotechnology Initiative also provides preliminary information on the legal issues related to nanotechnology.